K9 Lovers

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  1. Lilly Mom
    Lilly Mom
    Please tell the group a bit about yourself and your four legged friend
  2. kinky1
    Do you know if there is a K9 group that guys can join in here? Thanx, I have a personal interest.
  3. rebaj4u
    I am active in k9 and have a black lab currently. I do knot, but not always. Grew up a true to life farm girl.
  4. loriw1968
    I have no experience in this at all, only fantasies so far. Am I still allowed here? I've chatted with quite afew other women, some of whom are involved, some also aren't, but I find it so fascinating. I've watched quite afew videos of it online and it's incredibly arousing.
  5. nana estelle
    nana estelle
    Hi Lilly, I'm not sure about what you do in this section, but this was how I first started. My time with Barkley was quite nice. He’s definitely a better lover now than when I first started. When I first started it was from looking at the videos in IT and asking for help. Oedipus and Slisse were very helpful in telling me what to do. So I built up the courage and decided that I was going to fuck Barkley, or try and fuck him. I had no idea what I was doing but by now I was crazed with desire. As I said my neighbor Lottie (72 yrs old - - about ¼ mile away) had an unneutered lab and that was the dog I was going to seduce. The infamous morning of my quest the gardener was there and he was spending way too much time. I decided that I had to have a cum in my panties as I wanted Barkley to smell me. (I later learned this wasn’t necessary but what did I know.) Finally I couldn’t wait and had an orgasm, but my window was open and I realized that he probably heard me. I went to tell him I was satisfied with his work, gave him a check, thanked him and ran back into the house. I didn’t care if he heard this time. If he didn’t leave I wanted him to hear. I was getting so excited about Barkley that I couldn’t go another minute without another cum. I was sure the dog was going to love the smell because I pushed my jeans down and pushed Victor (my dildo vibrator) against my cunt with my panties on and standing close to the window I screamed out an almost instantaneous orgasm that rocked me off my feet. I looked out the window and he was standing there, his hands on his hips looking up at the window smiling at me. I ducked away from window and got ready to get Barkley.

    No way was I going to shower and get fixed up to go get the dog. I was sweating and wet but I fixed my hair a little bit and waited for him to leave then walked over to Lottie’s. Lottie wanted me to stay and talk, she always wants gossip but I wasn’t in the mood. I was in a sex crazed mood and I wanted that dog’s tongue on my cunt. I told her I only had an hour to walk him and I better get going, so we both left for our “walk.”

    When we got in the house I grabbed the cat food and a spoon on the way up to Jenny’s room and once there closed the door, took off all my clothes and when I got to my panties I wrapped them around his nose and said “good dog. You’re a good dog” Then took them and sat on them in the chair and put a dab of cat food on my still very wet pussy, hung my legs over the arm rests presented him a very spread cunt and called him over. He was sitting watching all my maneuvers and when I called him he quickly came to me and OH MY GOD. His wet nose slimed up my slit and then his tongue came out and started to lap from the bottom of my cunt up past my clit. His tongue was going fast and furious up and down and around and in. Nothing I have ever felt, felt this marvelous. I couldn’t breathe, and barely remembered to keep putting dabs of cat food on my cunt. It was so juiced up from his slobber and my spend that the cat food turned to juice and ran down into my ass crack, which he went after along with my cunt. I was going crazy, yelling, screaming humping, moaning, anything you can think of, the feelings were so outrageous, and then I came and he must of recognized something was happening because my ass slid to the end of the chair and with a short growl he jumped up and tried to fuck me. His paws landed on my tits and one of his nails scraped me. “Damn I thought, I forgot the socks”, (Oedipus told me to cover his front paws- - I later learned with this size dog to cover the back ones also) but he wasn’t to be denied, he started to push into me, growling and humping. I tried to push him back and move my legs off the arm rests but he was now clawing at me and hurting me. I finally got my legs free and pushed with all my might. He jumped down as I stood up but he buried his nose in my cunt and started to growl. I panicked and ran to the bathroom and closed the door. I heard him clawing at the door as I left through the kid’s room to go to my bathroom to see how bad I was scratched. I had a big scratch on my right boob but nothing else. I showered and put on clean clothes and went back to Jenny’s room by the hallway. Peeking into her room I saw Barkley lying Licking his extended cock, which was huge, but I didn’t want to do anything more I was too scared. I waited on my bed for a half hour dreaming of getting fucked but nothing else. When I got up and went to the room Barkley was sleeping on the rug. I got him up and walked him home.
  6. Lilly Mom
    Lilly Mom
    Hi there ladies

    I started this group for two reasons. The first is to share stories and photos of our 4 legged lovers, The second one is help teach the newbie what K( are the best lovers and how to train them.
  7. diable34
    Do you know if there is a K9 group that guys can join in here? Thanx
    Like Kinky, I have a personal interest.
    I´m a nice pics or vids trader too :)
  8. Frogsmile
    I am very much into K9 sex and used to be a member of zooskool. I have helped a lot of women and girls enter the lifestyle. Hope to make some friends here.
  9. bigwhtpony
    Can a guy join this group? I don't eat much AND I'm housebroken! :) If not, I understand. Thanks!
  10. CARTMAN69
    Uk bi male looking for uk feamles into k9 or horse fun would love to here from you get in touch
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